Friday, December 10, 2010


Wow, I can't believe how many  times a day I must clean the bathrooms! It seems like I am ALWAYS cleaning up after the boys use the bathroom. They wait until the last moment to use the bathroom and because of that they have desperation pees. Meaning they kinda aim but mostly just let it go anywhere. Usually it is on my seat and the floor and the wall and even the vent! They have NO aim! It gets me so hot and mad that I can smell pee upon opening the door! I have explained to Tank and Ace that they will have to sit and go if this continues I said if they miss and pee anywhere other than the toilet water ! Tank just looked at me and started crying! I said "what is wrong?" he said "Daddy won't like it if I turn into a girl...(sob..sob!!!)." So literal 3 year old are! haha Ace said, "THAT'S FINE WITH ME CUZ I AM TIRED OF AIMING ANYWAYS! (with 8 year old attitude) BOYS!! Can't wait to train Q correctly!!! BOYS....... gotta love 'em!!

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