Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our surprise!

        We just returned from our trip to Ohio to visit with Z's family! Mind you that it is a 6 hour trip each way... with four kids under eight and a 97 pound dog aboard, it's bound to get exciting! We told them that we were going to visit Z's parents and their cousins as well. What we didn't tell them was that we had a big surprise for them once there! We had purchased first class tickets for them on the Polar Express! We had planned this since October! What an exciting time we hoped for! The struggle was getting there to do it! Those of you with kids know that it is almost like entering hell once you hit the highway! The fights, crying, hitting, whining, potty needs and hunger tried to damper our trip! Tank was insistent  that Boomer could not watch the DVD I picked since it wasn't a girl movie!!! She cried and he screamed "No Zo-Zoy"each time she glanced at the screen.... for only about what seemed like 300 miles! Baby Qwas crying for his "DD" (aka binky) ....which is another  blog soon to come on the removal of...repeatedly like a broken record with Mason chanting"stop it Q" in between Q's cries! Z has a way of ignoring all the drama and  I had to ask several times to engage! I was about to lose it! That was when Ace hit Boomer and she spit on him! HOW CAN YOU DISCIPLINE IN A CAR???As  Gunner began to bark each time we slowed down......I tried to remain calm. Those of you that know me well,  know I didn't last long......I added to the drama by yelling (which didn't phase anyone)So annoying!! We hadn't been on the road 10 minutes yet!!! This was gonna be a long drive! And it was!!!! You can imagine the next 5.5 hours on your own.. much of the same!
On to the surprise! We had the kids change into jammies at like 4 pm. They were suppose to wear them, like in the movie! Getting them into those so early without a reason why they needed to was hard! Ace gave attitude, Boomer cried, Tank listed the reasons why he didn't need to and Baby Q refused to take off his clothes... all of which is totally their personalities! After that struggle and everyone was in them we left to run "errands". The look on their faces was priceless as we rolled up to the train and announced we were going to the North Pole! Pure Magic!!! The conductor let them on the train and punched their golden tickets just like the movie! There were elves and candy canes. The train had lots of decorations and Christmas music in the background!!! There was a story teller elf who read the book as we started towards "the North Pole" (two towns over). They got Hobo bags filled with treats and prizes!They received bells and conductors hats.The elves and staff danced along the aisles! They served hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies! The kids even did the candy cane limbo while aboard!The smiles were AMAZING! They really believed the whole thing. This was a feat since Ace was told this year at school that Santa isn't real. We have been trying to keep the magic alive for him if not just for this year for some to come as well! There was a sign on a factory labeled "Santa's Workshop" Ace lit up when he saw it , read it aloud and knew we arrived! Hayden was giddy and all teeth! I was even excited that we had we arrived! Even Z was smiling the whole time. Boomer said that she was "SO EXCITED TO BE IN THE NORTH POLE!!" Q had no idea what was going on nor did he care since he was eating cookies!  Santa and the Mrs. came aboard and gave autographs and called them by name on secretly placed name tags on their back prior to boarding! They soaked it up!!! What an awesome memory for us and the kids!! 
The visit was sweet but short as always. The had christmas with them and spent time with Skyler and Sierra! They love their Grandma and Grandpa and their cousins, but the highlights this time were HUGE!!
            We decided to return on the long trip home after dinner so that the kids would hopefully sleep and give us some peace!! And I am happy to report that that is EXACTLY what happened. Some fights and drama(as expected) but approximately 5 hours of silence...... and a much needed nap for Mommy!!!!! What a way to end the trip!

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