Friday, December 17, 2010

My Pre-Pre-Teen

This picture was taken about 1 1/2 weeks ago and this is the last smile I have seen on his little face since then. Some bug (I like to call it the "I'm eight and don't care about rules, discipline or life bug").He is now a pre-pre teenager! It has been like talking to a brick wall with Ace recently! Last night was the worst! Ace got in trouble for refusing to clean up his mess in the playroom. This is when the spiral to disaster began. Oh, Acey! Up until recently, Ace qused to cry and get hysterical when he was in trouble. he would apologize over and over and say he would never do that again! Those days have vanished! He screamed in gibberish and then stomped upstairs and slammed his door! He then destroyed his room (mostly his bookshelf) in anger! He came back down about 20 minutes later and acted as if the devil had not just visited! What is one to do? I had a brief discussion about that and he looked up and said "so you are gonna go there?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He rolled his eyes and then said "I guess we are".The bug is in him. The ugly, ugly attitude bug! Then, later on I asked him to use to potty before bed. One would think that would not cause a stand-off, but it did! He sat on the toilet with his PJ pants on and gave me a "DIE" look! I asked my husband to come  and deal with Mr. Ace and he agreed. I had had it! I overheard Z say "Are you gonna go or stay on there like that all night??!!??" Ace replied "Stay here like this all night!" Z left the bathroom without a response and came in to Boomer's room(where I was tucking her in) he sat on her bed and waited. He whispered (he be coming in a second, he always comes in a second or two). I read Boomy another story while obeying Z's new discipline..or whatever you wanna call it. Five minutes movement. Z went and turned off the bathroom light(with him inside). I called that step two. Ace still remained as I tucked in Tank and then another few minutes later, Q. NO MOVEMENT! Are you serious? I thought, it's  gonna go head-to head... Z saw my fury building and said he'd handle that. He walked into the bathroom(still dark) and told Ace to go to the bathroom and get in bed(with a firm tone). He  then left again. Z looked proud of himself (as he stood in the hallway and expected him to appear)and I just stood in the hallway watching. I did not hear any peeing. Once again, the bug appeared. "You can't force me to pee!" Z's smile fell. "Go to bed then" he yelled. Ace did. I gave him a speech once in his bed. He just looked away. The anger! He had won..
Z and I went to bed after watching a re-run of The Office(love it). I had forgotten that whole stand-off. I was hoping it would pass. Z woke me up at 6:45 to get the kids up and ready for school and said, "You won't believe it....Ace ruined his bed". OMG the bugger had really pulled off the revenge. More work for me...change sheets, sanitize, re-make the bed and disinfect . Not so bad one would say, but it is on the top bunk!!! I better get started.. this is going to be a LONNNGGG Christmas Break! :) 

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