Sunday, June 5, 2011

One-on-One Sunday!

We have just started a new tradition here in our house called "One-on-One Sunday". This is where one child gets to go with either Mommy or Daddy on a special trip! Today Ace went with Daddy on a bike ride on a bike steap trail and they rode to get lunch at Wendy's and had a frosty too!! Ace loved his time with his Dad!!

After they returned Tank went on a easier trail on his bike with "Z" too!!! Can't believe that he can ride without training wheels!! They rode over bridges and through the woods! He had a ball!! Only one skinned knee and one HAPPY boy that continued to talk about it for hours after!!

Next was Boomer and I. We went to the movies! It was so nice to just have one kid!!! She was soooooo happy to have special time as girls!! She got to pick where went to dinner after the movie! She picked the food court at the mall!!!! Why?? Well  because she loves soft pretzels and chocolate mocha smoothies! So off we went for a nutritional dinner, lol! Then on the way home we stopped at the park and she got my full attention!!

Finally  Z took Q on his "trip" to the playground and to get pizza!

We all had a great day!! I can't believe how fast this school year has gone!!

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  1. Love all the photos ...... keep them coming.