Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Last night, I was picking up the house after my rowdy kids had gone to bed (oh how I loth the pick-up)and I stumbled upon Ace's 3rd grade journal. , I immediately began reading it cover to cover. I went from being mad that he just left it out in the way and never puts his stuff away to missing my little boy before he could write! I was tearing up as I was reading and seeing the progression he has made in sentence structure and grammar. He even showed excellent vocabulary! I was half shocked that I didn't know how well that he could write! His actual handwriting improved as well!!! Where have I been? I see him each day and know he is growing(theoretically) but this was an overall growth.....right there in front of me.Where did my 4 year old go??? I miss him.......but am also excited to see where he will go!

After putting it away in his keepsake box, I saw the trail of used band-aid wrappers from the bathroom. I knew it was Tank by the dirty hand prints on the counter sink. I teared up again. Why? Well, I knew that I had left the band-aids out from the night before which covered his skinned knees.Those of which he acquired during his bike riding without training wheels (a sign). However, I couldn't remember any new use for any. I didn't see any boo-boos that day. It occurred to me that he must've took care of it himself. I didn't hear crying (that I remember).He didn't need a kiss or a hug from me. HE would not even let me put him down 0-21 months old. Every time I went to put him down or hand him, off, SCREAMING would ensue. As happy as I was to see that go, I am now regretful that I don't have that anymore!OK, maybe not that sad.But, my Binky toting baby boy is gone!! He is becoming so self-efficient. Time needs to stand still.....

I glanced down to pick up the remaining wrapper and saw Q's little potty. We have several but he uses this one solely. It was the same one that Tank would never use when he was potty training. Q is in intensive potty training now and  I hardly have a minute to reflect at how amazing that is . Just 2 years ago he was a preemie and I could not even see potty training in the future, as he had all these tubes and monitors going. As horendous potty training is, it is such a mile stone. No babies here!!(que more signs)

As I went to bed I reminded myself to slow down and try to enjoy these little moments when all is good in the little kids. I have heard so many times that "you will miss these ages", I roll my eyes and think "yeah right, miss the diapers,tantrums, whining, wiping noses,and car seats??!!!". Well, I think they are right!!(mostly) I was content to enjoy it and celebrate the small victories of self-efficiency!

However, I woke up to Boomer announcing that "my tooth is soooo loose". I got them ready for school and and was faced with her usual breakfast whining. Today, she had to give me reasons she could not eat regarding the hardship she was facing eating her "too hard" breakfast bar. Her tooth was hanging now. I reminded myself that this is a rite of passage and to be excited for her. But deep inside I was panicking. My baby girl was losing a tooth. And before they left for school it happened. Her first baby tooth come out. I tried I really did,but I cried. Tears streaming! How can this be?? Where has the time gone?

There are signs all around, every day in every way. They are growing and changing so fast! Even as I am typing this, Boomer is talking on the phone to her best friend. This is her first "friend" phone call. Z answered the call and a tiny voice asked for Boomer. Oh , the teenage years are going to come faster than I can fathom....the signs are here! As slow as the day-to-day goes, the years fly by! Signs, they are knocking hard and I am trying hard not to listen....


  1. Oh great!!! Now I'M crying!!!!!!! Excuse me, I have to go cuddle my kids!!

  2. Thanks for this post. I needed to be reminded of this tonight. Celebrate the little milestones in life! They are precious AND they are all around us!