Tuesday, August 23, 2011


        Yesterday, Boomer came home from school and began to tell me that her newest best friend, Riley, was no longer her best friend. Well, Boomer is a recent 6 year old and I have heard this tale a few times in her short little life. "Mackenzie isn't my friend because yellow is her favorite color....and it is suppose to be pink!" or "Ashley brought in a disgusting snack so we have to be friends another day", "Luke eats his goldfish dipped in applesauce, that is nassstttyyy", but yesterday it was different! She began to tell me that Riley called her "black".(MY internal alarms went off, I began to mentally prepare for this conversation,,,it was gonna be long) Boomer went on to say that she didn't like that she called her that. (side note: Both my older kids like to be referred to as brown and us peach).  So she told me that she asked Riley to not call her black and that she preferred brown. Boomer said that she continued to say it over and over again and began to use a teasing tone and made her uncomfortable. This is when Boomer told me that Riley is "peach".I began my lecture. I told her about why people tease and that it was probably that originally,  "Riley was stating a fact to Boomer.And that she didn't know that would upset you.People like to label. Label means that people assign a type of note in their minds as to what group you match, or are closest to."Boomer rolled her eyes! "Mommy what are you talking about?" she interrupted. "we are in ADVANCED 1st grade, shouldn't she know her colors by now!!!" I realized that what bugged her was ACTUALLY the incorrect color term. I had be preparing for a day like today for as long as we've had Boomer. Boomer didn't need/want a info session about color terms in relation to skin or the history behind it at all. She just wanted to know why Riley didn't know the difference between brown and black. I HAD TO LAUGH. Once again, I prepared for a long in depth spiel and she thought I was crazy.We are just super sensitive to that color stuff. (I'll  have to just continue to save the speech for another day!)

     I told her to talk to Riley if it still bugged her and to let her know that you prefer brown over black. Needless to say when I picked her up from school, She and Riley were holding hands and best friends again......oh the life of a 6 year old!! Love her!

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