Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today was a big deal for my two littlest crazies!

Today Q is considered fully daytime potty trained!! I am so impressed. He is exactly 2 1/2 to the week. HE is also a preemie and so he is considered by most potty standards ahead for boys! I am so proud of him!! Prior to last week, he only had two or so accidents during the day. I knew we were getting close! It brings such happiness and relief from where we started (a 31 weeker) and not knowing how or what his limitations could be. So proud and a little sad that his baby days are pretty much over.

Secondly, Tank has been asking me for weeks to teach him a major milestone!(click here)! I taught him today at lunch and he had it by dinner. I know that I am bias but this kid is brilliant. Not even 4 and a half yet. He has so much determination and will to do just about anything he puts his mind to.

Of course our Boomer has had 2 spelling tests so far this year and has gotten 100% on each. Tomorrow I know will be the third. Ace was doing 5/6 grade word problems tonight for homework and did not need any help. My kids amaze me (and drive me crazy) each day!!

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