Tuesday, August 16, 2011


While Boomer, Ace and I were on our two-on-one sunday, I took them to see Aquinas College (both Z and I attended and met there). Home of the Saints! We have driven past it a few times but I have never taken the kids to see where we lived and went to school! Since I had the two older ones, they could relate and understand what they were looking at and the significance. We drove through the campus and then parked and walked around a bit showing them our old stomping ground!! It looked alot like when we attended but has some new buildings and updates!

 We spent many many hours on these steps over the 5 yrs I was there in between classes and waiting for friends for lunch or dinner! It brought back lots of memories!! They look so little!!
 There is so much more Ivy covering now! So pretty!!
This is the famous spot where Z and I met and he and his friend Dave helped my mom and I carry up my tv and microwave upstairs to my friends/roommates new apartment on campus!! So fun bringing them back to the exact spot that I fell in love with Z!! Oh # 37!! So much fun,partying,sleeping, studying went on in there!

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