Friday, August 19, 2011

The question I get most often.......

And the number one question I get from friends and family ( and complete strangers) is "How did you learn to do her hair??"

Well, my answer is lots of lengthy research!!

Oh the joys of having a GIRL! Love having a girlie girl in my pack of boys!! I have always loved to do my cabbage patch dolls  hair and Barbie's hair ever since I was a little girl. I even did my little sister's hair a few times! Loved learning to braid and make symmetrical pig tails. Almost like an OCD child. I  did not like to see other kids with crazy unbrushed hair even in 1st grade. I am weird I know. I dreamed of having lots of daughters and have lots of big bows in my future!Once Boomer came into my life, I had to learn quickly how to care for her kinky curly locks! I read countless books from the library. I learned how to work with her hair type. Which for those that are interested it is hair type 4 a/b, I know because I researched on the computer as well and additionally learned that her hair is a hard one to tame! I have watched lots of videos on styling and maintaining African American natural girls hair. I think I still have alot to learn for sure, but I think that I have some skill now! Boomer doesn't complain!!! I also enjoy the  website Baby Big hair!Check it out!  I love their giveaways too!!
 In addition, Ace has decided to grow his hair out as well...this means intense hair care for him too!! It is really growing and beginning to have a "style" it is called coils!! I have tried lots of products, brushes, combs, hair ties and oils. I have finally found products that work in Ace AND Boomers hair and that make their hair silky and nice. Here is a few pictures of my journey with hair!!

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