Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two-On-One Day

Today we did a two-on-one parent day! I took Ace and Boomer to the legendary Yesterdog! I have not taken any of our kids yet to this old college hang-out!! Those of you who have been, know that it is a must do in our city! There was a movie made that is based on the town and Yesterdog is played by a hangout they called "Dogyears" in the American Pie movies!! Check that out here! Now none of the kids will be seeing those movies until they are at least 18, but they understood the significance of the trip regardless!! 

                                           We just ordered our first Yesterdogs!!
  Ace got the "Ultra-dog" on the left and Boomer chose the "Cheddar-Dog" on the right!!
 "what's all the hype about? LET US TRY!!!

 They even got to sign the wall! This might of been their favorite part!!!!!
Ace to Boomer as we walked out "I can't wait to tell all my friends about how I am now famous cuz I ate at Yesterdog..." Boomer'S response, "yeah, my teacher will love me!!"
Just another successful One on One day...or Two-on-One day!

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