Friday, October 7, 2011

Boomer's Sleepover

      Boomer had her two good friends, Harmony and  Gabby over tonight for a sleepover. She has wanted to have them spend the night for over a year now. Z and I decided that she was ready to have one here so we let her invite her two favorite. These girls are actually 1st cousins and are more like twins than not. We have had lots of activities like nail painting (no pictures as I was painting all of them), roasting hot dogs on the fire,dress-up and making caramel apples!

 Time to decorate!

 They did a great and messy job all at the same time!
 Ace squeezed in the ruin this shot.......oh Ace!
 The three amigos!
 Tank and Ace were on a bike ride with Daddy and came back sweaty and tired!!

 She even had time for her baby brother who wanted in on the photo opt! Sooo cute!!

Happy Friday to you!


  1. I love caramel apples. I remember making them when I small. it looks like they loved them!

  2. I'm your newest GFC follower & here from Welcome Wednesday!

  3. Those look SO yummy! Might have to try that one at our house. Everyone will be braces free for a few weeks and those would qualify for some good treats!