Monday, October 3, 2011

Early Celebrating!

A few weekends ago we participated in our campgrounds Halloween Parade and costume contest! We had a blast and this is the kids favorite part of the season! This year Ace was Frankenstein, Boomer was a Fairy, Tank was a Lion and Q was (suppose to be) a puppy! He was not into wearing the costume for some reason but would occassionally wear the hat to it.

We did well at the costume contest! Boomer got first place in her age group and Tank got 4th (out of 15). Ace and Q received Honorable mentions!  they each got a prize and some candy! Then we went trick-or-treating!

Later in on this trip was a Cedar Point trip...those up next!!


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  2. OH MY GOD! Your children are sooooooooooooo adorable! The Frankenstein costume was to die for! I am glad they all had a fun time at the parade.