Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cedar Point

Well, a yearly tradition 6 years strong is that we take the kids to Cedar Point in Ohio every summer. they have always anticipated the annual trip, but this year was a bit different. We decided to not go in the summer, but go in that early fall for the Hallow-weekends! They were sooo excited!
 Cedar Point, here we come!
 Excited to reach 36" and ride lots of kiddie rides!
 Pulling up to see pretend mummys...Boomer began to freak!
 The random characters often broke out in song and dance along the walkways!
 A brief quiet ride while watching the Halloween parade!
 Ace began to get dizzy....but rode Top Thrill Dragster with no problem....(so did I and my sister-in law too...it was CRAAAZZZYYY)

 All 4 waiting to drive the bumper cars!
 This kid wanted to ride all rides...he was not tall enough for most...he can't wait till he can!! He is a wild thing...front row and all!!

 Q's first roller coaster with Boomer by his side- didn't like it....but Boomer LOVED it!!
 Q moving fast, and pushing all the buttons!
 Boomer was afraid of the the scary costumes and was prepared to run if she saw any in the parade...Z was trying to calm her as Ace was trying to get her going...oh the love!
Luckly, there weren't any! We had a great time~!!!

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  1. what exciting pictures and so cute at that !!! happy you all had fun !!