Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa can work miracles!(even with my four)

Oh, I love the Christmas season! I love the Christmas lights and the music! I love the garland and the fancy bows...the cards and cookies...even the snow....but I love love love how Santa can make even my most strong-willed, determined to be naughty and difficult child behave!!! The mear mention of Santa caused a domino effect around here! Tank was refusing to get his boots on to go run errands this morning and so Boomer decided to get her's on and go potty and have her coat, gloves and hat on and stood by the door..(FYI-she usually had some reason she does need/want/like/or have time to do any of those with out a threat...) Ace decided to help Q get his coat and boots on.. and so Tank looked up at me, mid-tantrum and said "I think I am going to get up now and obey!" I was shocked that we weren't gonna go head-to-head and said "Santa would love that...ya know he's watching...right??" "Yeah, I remember now" he says. I LOVE THAT JOLLY OLD ST. NICK!!!! Finally have some outside help, best part-I didn't have to hire him..he is FREE...I don't even care if he isn't even real!!! He began working for me mid-October and I will retire him in mid-January!!!  I will again call on him next year, same time, same place! :)

Speaking of Santa, the kids received video messages from Santa this morning via e-mail. Ya'l should've seen the looks on their little faces as he spoke of to each of them by NAME!!!  He had pictures of them in his magical book and told them he is watching them. Check out this:,, It was so heart warming to watch them watch their personal message from Santa!! (shout-out to Aneke! Thanks!) I video taped each kid watching! What a memory I created! (pat on the back).

As I hear a fight beginning in the basement.....I must go and remind them that my man Santa is watching..... (giddy!)

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