Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Tank is my first born! (and my number three as well, which is quite unique!)He is my wild child! He is so loving but on the other hand, he loves to be a bit rebelous! He has always been hard to please(even day one). He has a strong-will and knows exactly what he wants out of life and will never compromise to get it. He is a go getter, even at three and a half. Feels like we've always had him dictationg our days. However, he is a lover. No one can out do his tenderness, when he is in the mood to be! He will just say "I love you mommy" for no reason. He has begun to come into his own recently. He FINALLY and I mean finally sleeps all night in his own bed (a HUGE victory around here).He goes to preschool now and is a very good boy there(so I hear). He has begun to make his own friends and loves his "best boy, Jackson". It is so cute that he really adores him! It is called "honeybees" and he loves,loves,loves to go! (which is awesome since he has never been the kind of kid I could just drop-off before).

 He loves music and loves to be a ham! He wants to impress his big brother and sister constantly. He is always thinking of others and wants to spend as much time with Mason as he can! He can make you forget he was in trouble by singing "I love you, you love me...I am in trouble again you see... so funny! He is one amazing kid!! Always saying I love you ramdomly!
 He loves to eat! There were times early on that he was a super picky eater. Now he loves just about anything. Of course these donuts...who doesn't. He recently tried Peanut butter and really liked it! (only offered it like 300 times since he was one!!) He always refused with authority! He has also decided hamburgers, applesauce and also pickles are good too! He amazed was last week and wanted a salad also.Even more amazing is that he ate it all and LOVED it!
 His new found sport is gymnastics! he is awesome and fearless! I've know that since he was 10 months old and mounting the baby gates!(FYI-why we began calling him Tank) He is actually a natural at almost every sport he has tried! He has great aim in basketball and a amazing throw of both a football and a baseball! He loves soccer and golf too! He is going to an All-American something one day I think..who knows right? If he determined there is just about nothing he can't do....except maybe tie his shoe(which drives him CRAZZZYthat he can't yet)!
 He loves passionately and hates just as easy. We are working on his love hate relationship with Boomer! Here is a loving moment with Boomer (aka to Tank as "Zo-Zoy") Aren't they cute1 They are just 21 months apart but almost the same size! He is such a funny Lil guy and loves to be the clown around here!(takes after me too!)

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