Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Baby Girl, Boomer

                                       My only Princess, Boomer

Oh my little girl! Boomer was actually our first child! We became her family  in May of 2006. Three days later, AceMason joined us. But, she loves to tell you that she was our first! She was only nine months old when we adopted her. She was so quiet and sweet! She loved everybody and went with the flow. She never hit those terrible two's and had such the little high voice that melted my heart! She was so adaptable!! She made us a family!

 She is such a girly girl! Loves to have her hair done and nails of course! She is a huge "GIRL POWER"advocate as well! I guess one would have to be with three brothers bugging you!!! She loves attention and wants to be a singer and a vet, maybe a mom (of all girls she hopes) and a chef. Who knows  but she definitely has determination and will never forget a thing. That works well in most instances except when I promised something in passing. Boomer will bug you to do/have/get/watch whatever it is relentlessly!!! (Her daddy says that she is my mini -me in that regard! Haha). When she is in trouble or doesn't get her way she STOMPS, hence the name 'Boomer".
 Boomer started Kindergarten this year and takes it seriously! She has only had her card flipped (for behavior control )at school once and vows to never and I mean NEVER be naughty again! She love homework and being like a big kid! She can however drive one to the edge with her crying and her attitude these days. (what happened? That once quiet high pitched voice his now replaced with whining,crying about nothing constantly, tattling and SASS!!! I just love her despite all that because she is just so darn pretty, and loveable!
Speaking of pretty...Miss Boomer loves make-up and recently got into mine and covered her face in foundation, obviously we have different shades. Will always laugh at this one for years to come! (she was so sad she didn't look like the princess she envisioned while applying in the car on the way home from gymnastics a few week back!)She leaves me smiling most of the time! She loves to please and at least I have one of those around!

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