Wednesday, December 15, 2010



My Acey..
He is now 8 and a third grader. He loves school and has straight A's! This is his first year at the new school and he really seems to love it there! He is so helpful (most of the time)and a WONDERFUL big brother! On the other hand, he  is the one you have to watch closely as he can destroy just about anything trying to figure out how it works! Pens, remotes,toys,flashlights,shoelaces...just about everything he can get his hands on. I can only hope that this is going to lead to a wonderful and successful career as a engineer! (we can dream right?). The worst part is that he can look you dead in the face and deny he did anything to it!!! He can drive you crazy with the blank face when asked what happened! He NEVER fesses up!is first
 But look at his face..he doesn't stay in trouble long!!!

Ace and his third grade teacher at this fall honors ceremony! What a proud mom I was!

What a charmer! He always ALWAYS has a huge smile!

  His new found love....READING! He loves any chapter book he can get his hands on these day
ALWAYS  the life of the party! He loves to be the center of attention and LOVES to dance! He always is singing and dancing to himself! He is FULL of life for sure!!

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