Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Terrible Two's....here we come!

We were somewhat fortunate to escape the terrible two's with Mr. Ace since we adopted him at 3 1/2. Boomer never hit her terrible twos...however I have experienced them full blown with Tank. It was the worst...it began sometime around the age of 13 months for him and I can say that until he was about two months into being three did it FINALLY disappear! I have been mostly tantrum free for approximately 5 months and now they are back with reckless abandon!!! Q will be two in February (SIDE NOTE: CAN'T BELIEVE THAT..) and he has hit them hard! Tantrums, biting, screaming, yelling No, and just downright being impossible! What happened to my precious baby?? He won't wear boots or shoes all of a sudden and it is the dead middle of winter in Michigan, has he lost his mind. As my husband and he will say that we may need an exorcist at times as he can melt, bend, contort and just expel evilness at your feet at the mention of No, or bed, nap, dinner time, bath, diaper change. Actually, just about anything. Poor baby! The other kids are shocked as well that this came on so strong so quickly. Ace does his best to "manage"Q while I make dinner or laundry. He told me today that he thinks his allowance or DSI game time should be extended during his terrible two's since he is more work now!!! I wish I could  say that to my husband to get an extra back rub and maybe kid-free errand running...I just don't think that I could use this excuse to pull that off ! Hopefully, Baby Q lays off soon  and gives me a break form the chaos and that three will be much better than  I think 2 will be... We can hope right??

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